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LIVE Tapping for Stress 1 October 2021 at 4.30pm (UK)

A friendly Friday afternoon group to try out EFT Tapping, tap with others and clear some stress ready for the weekend. Help wth Covid stress.

Course Summary

Live most Friday afternoons (UK) 45-60 minutes on Zoom.
You will learn the basic procedure for how to tap.
Participants will then have the opportunity to share whatever issues are currently a source of stress and Jacqui will lead the group in applying EFT (Tapping) to relieve those stresses.
Also download Jacqui's free Emotional Freedom Techniques The Basic Steps leaflet.

Course Curriculum

Jacqui Footman

EFT Tapping Practitioner since 2004
EFT International Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers
Executive Director, EFT International since 2014
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Naturopathic Nutritional Advisor
Also trained in NLP, Matrix Re-imprinting,WHEE, Reiki, Ask and Receive, Emotrance.

 "Thank you so much for this amazing EFT Session. It was so wonderful for me to see people and do it in a group. I feel so isolated at the moment."

Participant from South Africa

 "It was a wonderful experience the other day to join and tap in the group. Thank you for running groups like this. I have enjoyed and got a lot of benefits from it."

Participant from Beijing

 "It was a lovely tapalong and I learned a lot. It was an inspiring group."

Participant from Paris

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